iPage Products

iPage products include not only several webhosting plans, but also related services. Here’s a breakdown of many of the main iPage products.

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iPage Essential Hosting

iPage’s main product is referred to as “Essential Hosting,” and it is the product referred to on the home page. It’s a shared hosting plan with the typical offering of unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and email. (Note that, as with many shared hosting sites, there are not set limits on disk space and bandwidth, iPage claims that 99.95% of their customers can function within the allotted amount by sticking to using the storage for their personal or small business website and not for storing extra files, especially multimedia files.) They also offer free domain registration, a free security suite, free credits for Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook, as well as WordPress blogging tools. The cost is usually $8.95 per month, but is currently on sale for $3.50 per month.

iPage Blogging Hosting

A simpler set-up is available for those who just which to blog. The blogging plan includes a free domain (for a year), a choice of blogging software a photogallery, automatic submission to major search engines, enhanced security, and 10 email accounts. The cost is $25/year or $45 for 2 years.

iPage Web Site Management

iPage offers tools and services that it groups as “web site management.” Here they are.

Design & Professional Services 

• My Marketing Services

My Marketing Services had five featured offerings: My Website, My Advertising, My Local Website Traffic, My Website Traffic, and My Facebook Pages.

• My Website Clicking on “My Website” goes to an iPage page that offers marketing and informational sites, eCommercce sites, and custom sites. Marketing and informational sites are available for a set-up fee of $299 and a monthly fee starting under $21/month, and include 5 or more standard web pages created with design choices from more than 150 templates, and including a customizable data transfer form and many customization options. eCommerce sites are similar, but have a setup fee of $449, a monthly cost starting under $34/month, and include the upload of up to 20 products, as well as payment gateway integration. Custom sites require a set-up fee of $779 and a $40/month charge, and include all the items already mentioned (as needed), as well as a custom web format logo design.

• My Website Traffic This iPage service creates a search engine optimization (SEO) marketing program to deliver more traffic to your site, using professionally selected key phrases, strategic link-building, online tracking and reporting, and optimization of one web page, with costs starting at $99/month.

My Advertising My Advertising provides either a local online profile to build regional awareness for customers or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to help your site attract high quality visitors. Supplying personal information can get you a quote.

• My Facebook Pages This service helps businesses establish a Facebook business presence with the creating of four Facebook business site pages, including writing, cover image, logo placement, up to 5 images and monthly updates. The set-up includes a dedicated IP and an SSL certificate, and the four pages include a Timeline, an About Us page, a Products/Services page, and a Contact Us page. There’s a one-time $149.95 fee, then a $5.95/month charge, billed at $71.40 per year.           

Professional Services 

This is another aspect of iPage’s Design & Professional Services, but through this service, you can obtain any assistance you need to create your online presence, including setting up a store, newsletters, building databases, designing logos, site testing, site maintenance, and more.

• Premium Support

For an introductory iPage price of $24.95 ($29.95 thereafter), you can have premium support. Premium support gets you a toll-free number that is provided to a limited number of customers, increasing the “speed to answer” time. The lines are staffed with “Premium Agents” based in North America. Whether you access support by phone, or via a specialized Support Console, all requests are expedited.

• Web Concierge

Through its “Web Concierge” program, iPage offers customers a dedicated support person who is Tier II qualified and can provide routine account maintenance, provide personalized technical support, perform site reviews, suggest improvements, etc. You are provided with a direct phone number and email address and your concierge’s work schedule. The Web Concierge program includes Premium Support and is currently available for $49.95/month (usually $99.95/month).

• ServiceMan

ServiceMan offers one-to-one service for Google Adwords advertising assistance as well as some of the moderately complex website tasks that many users have to undertake: installed SSL certificates, installing specialized code, such as for a Google custom search box or an SSL certificate badge, configuring email, or making custom DNS changes. Contact is required for pricing.

iPage Paid Add-Ons 

iPage offers a variety of site enhancements for varying fees.

            Backup and Restore

One tool that may be useful to personal and business site owners is the “Site Backups and Restore Tool,” which allows customers to make local backups or restore sites from system generated backups. The download is configured as a .zip archive and it prevents file loss, but cannot automatically restore SQL databases. This tool is available for $12.95 a year for the first year and $16.95 per year thereafter.

            Quick SSL Premium Certificate

for $59.95 per year or $89.95 for two years, you can have a Quick SSL Premium Certificate to protect your visitors’ information and allow secure transactions. Provided by GeoTrust, the certificates are compatible with 99% of browsers and provide up to 256-bit encryption and $100,000 protection.

            MySQL Databases 

MySQL Databases are available for a fee of $2.50/month. Each database may include unlimited numbers of tables, and there is no data limit beyond your disk space. Databases can have multiple users. Note that many other webhosts offer MySQL databases with no extra charge. 

            Website Creator – Extended Services 

Included in the iPage hosting plan is a 9-page site using the limited edition of CM4all. For additional sites, the charge is $4.95/month, but there are also premium and e-commerce editions, billed at $8.33/month and $14.95/month respectively. The Premium Edition has unlimited site pages, more templates, and includes forum capabilities. The E-Commerce Edition adds an online store that allows sales of up to 500 products with pictures and descriptions, a shopping cart, and payment options including PayPal Merchant.

            goMobi Mobile Site Builder

Currently at a special price of $1.99/month, you can use goMobi to create a specially designed mobile website in order to procure faster load  times and easier navigation. The regular price is $4.95/month. 

            Dynamic Site Accelerator 

The Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator decreases site load time by serving your site from the closest server in the Akamai network, where your site content is cached for faster service. The cost is $2.95/month.

            Domain Services 

iPages offers the standard domain services, including domain privacy, domain registration, domain transfer, subdomains, and automated domain renewals.

Email Services 

iPage offers paid Microsoft Exchange Mail accounts and Microsoft Exchange Mobile Services. It also offers a premium spam filter. Additional business email accounts are available., but note that unlimited email accounts are available as part of many hosting plans. 

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