iPage Pricing and Specials

Although iPage has standard prices on many of their offerings, they also run specials. Here is the low-down on the regular prices and items that have specials on offer for various reasons for many of their products and services.

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iPage Essential Hosting

iPage’s main product is its shared hosting package, referred to as “Essential Hosting” The cost of Essential Hosting is usually $8.95 per month, but is currently on sale for $2.50 per month. The regular rate is described on the home page as $7.95, but on the Hosting Renewal Prices page, the rate for a year seems to be $8.95, with a 24-month term being $7.95  per month and a 3- year term being $6.95 per month, all billed as a single payment. Site costs are translated for the Canadian Dollar (CA$), the Australian Dollar (AU$), the British pound (GBP – £), and the Euro.

Besides offering limited-time promotions, iPage also offers coupons and other special deals to new customers, and none of these offers extend beyond the initial term.

iPage Blogging Hosting

The blogging plan has a choice of blogging software, a free domain name for one year, photo gallery software, and 10 emails accounts for a cost of $25/year or $45 for 2 years. There do not seem to be any other special. The free domain name is limited to .net, .org, .com, .biz, .info, and .us for new customers.

My Website 

My Website is iPage’s program to provide “reconditioned” or professionally designed web sites. There are three levels: marketing and informational sites; eCommerce sites, and custom sites, which increase in both site size and available features. Fees are as follows:

Marketing/Informational eCommerce Custom
Setup $299 Setup $449 Setup $779
Starting Monthly fee <$21 Starting Monthly fee <$34 Starting Monthly fee $40

My Website Traffic

This is iPage’s regional and national website traffic program.  Fees start at $99/month.

My Facebook Pages This service sets up four Facebook business pages and provides a dedicated project manager for a one-time $149.95 fee and a $5.95 per month charge, which is billed at $71.40/year.

Premium Support

iPage offers speedy ticket resolution and highly experienced agents through the premium support program. The introductory price is $24.95 per month, and the service is $29.95 per month upon renewal.

• Web Concierge

iPage has a program to give you a dedicated assistant for your website. It included premium support, and the special price is $49.95 per month, while the regular price is $99.95 per month).

CM4all Website Creator – Beyond the Free Offerings 

The free version of Website Creator by CMrall comes with the site and is known as the “Limited Edition.” Access for addition can be obtained for a monthly fee of $4.95 for each site. Additionally there is a premium edition and an e-Commerce edition. Here is a run-down of the fees

Payment schedule Limited Premium e-Commerce
billed annually $59.40/yearly $99.95/yearly $179.40/yearly
billed quarterly $14.85/quarter $27.95/quarter $44.85/quarter
billed monthly $4.95/month $9.95/month $14.95/month

goMobi Mobile Site Builder

iPage offers a special tool for building mobile sites. The special price is $1.99 per month, regularly $4.95 per month.

Backup and Restore

A backup and restore tool is currently being offered at a promotional price of $12.95 per year, but it renews at $16.95 per year.

SSL Certificates

A “Quick” SSL certificate is currently on sale for $59.95/year or $89.95 for a two-year period. An extended validation SSL certificate is currently on sale for $159 per year and renew at $159, however customers must manually reinstall them (the regular price was $479/year).

Domain Services 

iPage offers a variety of paid domain services (domain transfers are free):

Domain privacy $9.99 per year
Subdomains $5/month for 5; $10/month for 10; $25/month for unlimited
Automated domain renewals.
Domain registration prices vary by extension (TLD or top level domain).

The TLDs .ca, .name, and .be are $12.99/year
The TLDs .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us are $14.99/year
The TLDs .eu and .mobi are $16.95/year
The TLDs .co.uk and .org.uk are $25.98 for 2 years
The TLDs .cc, .ch, .co, and .tv are $34.95/year

Email Services 

iPage offers several types of email upgrades.

• The premium spam filter, which includes whitelisting and greylisting, is $9.95/year.

• Although the features page says that iPage offers unlimited POP accounts, the Business e-mail accounts page offers 5 extra POP accounts for $30.00 per year and 10 extra for $60.00 per year.

• EmailBrain email marketing includes templates, a list manager, an SMS mobile suite, a social media tool, and unlimited sends per month. Here are the prices:

  up to 500 addresses up to 5000 addresses
per month $9.95
pay for 1 year $99.95 (2 months free) $179.40 ($14.95/month)

 • Microsoft Exchange Mail accounts are available at 3 levels of service: exchange basic (2000 MB mailboxes), exchange plus (5000 MB mailboxes), and exchange premium (10000 MB mailboxes). Here are the prices: 

  Basic Plus Premium
per quarter $38.85 $59.85 $104.85
per year $139.86 $215.46 $377.46

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