iPage History & Company

The iPage history has two major roots: one is the founding of iPage itself; the other is the history of The Endurance International Group, Inc., (EIG), to which it now belongs. Let’s start with iPage.

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iPage History 

iPage itself gives a confusing account of its history. On its current home page http://www.ipage.com/ipage/index.html  its logo reads “iPage Hosting since 1998” while on the “Do Your Homework!” page, where iPage touts its service compared to other webhosts http://www.ipage.com/compare-hosting it says, “Our team has been providing shared hosting since 1995.” This is a bit confusing, to say the least.

Using the waywback archive, iPage’ existence can only be traced back to the end of 2000, when it served as a PC enhancement site with an odd mix of freebies: comics, skins, horoscopes, weather, and recipes, as well as gaming news, movie reviews, business, entertainment, and environmental news, software, and domain name registration. And it operated like this until August, 2002. By September 16, the website ipage.com had been transformed. Its logo now read “iPage,: An iPowerWeb Product,” and its tag line read “Serving over 70,000 members with affordable, reliable eBusiness solutions.” It provided “ready to go” websites for $7.95 per month, including free domain names and hosting, and allowed users to select from hundreds of “professional” designs, and included 24/7 customer support, all with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

On December 29, 2005, a new website went up with the logo “iPage v2: An iPower Company. Webhosting was now being offered for “as low as $2.50” (per month) with the featured product being an all-in-one website hosting and building solution. However, the site now contained sample sites, a reseller program, customer testimonials, eBay integration, and three levels of sites: Basic Website n(the $2.50/month option), Premium website and marketing ($8.95/month), and eCommerce plus, website, marketing and ecommerce ($19.95/month). This website lasted into 2007.

By November, 16, 2007, a major change had taken place. Although existing users could still log into their iPage accounts, new customers were being referred to iPower.com. The new accounts description said, “Although IPOWER will not offer the iPage v2 Web-site builder, new accounts will enjoy a choice of two comparable Web-site builders, including the industry-leading CM4ALL.”

The website for iPage essentially disappears in 2008 and returns in October, 2009, with a new approach. Now there is live chat and phone support, and a “Powered by 100% wind energy” tag line. The logo is simple “iPage,” and the site offers basic shared hosting with site-building tools for $5.25/month, with add-ons such as site promotion and a security suite.

EIG History

EIG was founded in1997 by Ravi Agarwal, Alex Coisman, and Hari Rivichandran and currently has offices in Burlington, Massachusetts. Venture capital fueled their growth to over 100 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers by the end of the year 2000, but a business model that was not sustainable, and left them prey to the dot-com bust. They reinvented themselves and started again with a team of 20, and revamped their business model, eventually becoming a “unique cloud-based platform.” that serves nearly 1.8 million customers by means of over 30 web hosting company brands.  Along the way, they acquired a large number of small web hosts, including these, which you are more likely to recognize:

www.fatcow.com www.iPowerWeb.com
www.ipage.com www.DomainHost
www.bluehost.com www.justhost.com

and many, many more.

iPage Today

Today, iPage has an updated site, with a logo stating, “iPage Hosting Since 1998,” and offers shared hosting for a special price of $3.50/month. Their money-back guarantee has been extended from 30 days to “anytime,” and iPage has expanded support and freebies with their hosting plans.

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